Yoga Flow

This class is designed in a way that poses flow into one another, we are very rarely still but the poses may be held for 5-10 breaths. This is a dynamic practice which focusses on building strength, stability and functional mobility as well as focussing on the breath to calm the mind. Open to all levels.


A slow, super-chilled session featuring long holds (2-5 minutes usually) in some yummy poses. Mostly floor based. Yin is great for the “I cant touch my toes” crew as it is designed to help develop flexibility and mobility. Lots of breath focus helps to calm the nervous system so you leave feeling stretched out and chilled out! Open to all levels.


A method that focuses on core, strength, movement and mindfulness. This discipline helps to strengthen, reshape and mobilise whilst teaching body awareness and good posture. Classes are tailored to the participants and you’ll always leave feeling taller and with a smile on your face. Open to all levels.


A Ballet and Pilates-inspired class to sculpt and tone the entire body by targeting both large and small muscle groups. Although it’s low impact, expect to work hard and feel the BURN! Leg warmers and sweat bands not compulsory! Open to all levels.



Similar to the Yoga Flow but slower! In these sessions, mindful movement meets functionality and strength. Learn to move your body in ways that work for you. Plenty of time to breathe and feel into the postures. Open to all levels.


Possibly the most relaxed you can ever be without being asleep! Restorative yoga uses props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets to help you find positions in which your body can truly rest and restore. A great session to de-stress and bring some balance back. All floor based. Open to all levels. 

Power Pilates

Similar to Pilates but a bit more dynamic! Expect to see some mini weights, resistance bands and probably some sweat! Whilst this class is a bit harder that the standard Pilates sessions, classes are still open to all and you will be encouraged to take it at your own pace.


The sculpting and core-focus of Pilates meets the strength and flexibility of Yoga in this dynamic, aerobic workout! It’s a sweaty one! Open to all levels.